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An Australian owned transcription business providing offshore medical transcription services in the Philippines

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Who we are

Access Transcription was founded by Michael Renton and is part of the Access Group of businesses. Access Transcription’s Head Office is in Brisbane. All of our transcription operations are conducted in the Philippines.

What makes us stand out?

The key to Access Transcription’s success is that we keep service delivery in Australia. This provides a strong, reliable and relevant base to our clients. Customers want the ability to quickly and easily explain their needs and with Access Transcription you can speak to an Australian customer services operator immediately.
Access Transcription’s professional medical transcriptionists are only a phone call or click of a mouse away at all times. This ensures that all our clients get the highest possible level of service without wasting valuable time.

Quality service

All of our work goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the highest possible standards. This process includes all audio files being listened to twice, the second time by an experienced trained editor. In addition, 15% of all files are also subsequently audited.

A testimonial from a current customer

“Access Transcription has resolved the issues of administrative staff down time such as sick leave…” Red Radiology

Our transcriptionists

There are many reasons for the Philippines being the preferred country for the operations of Access Transcription.

The Philippines has:

  • A massive talent pool of medical graduates and English educated employees
  • A similar time zone to Australia (Australian Eastern Standard Time minus 2 hours)
  • A very willing and highly motivated workforce
  • A significantly lower cost of labour compared to Australia
  • A world class critical infrastructure including a greater number of deep sea optic data cables than in Australia

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