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Q. Why is your business run out of the Philippines?

A. In short – cost. Well that is really only part of the story. The Philippines has a massive talent pool of English speaking medically trained staff who are diligent and hard working. (Did you know their entire education system is in English?) Their time zone is the same as the West Coast of Australia so it is the perfect place for this type of work.

Q. How can I be sure of Internet security issues?

A. Again, the answer to this question depends largely upon how we access your data in the first place. As an example, in some cases we use the Amazon servers in the US to transport your data and in that case, it is encrypted each way. We can discuss this matter in detail if it is of concern to you and explain our security measures.

Q. How much should expect to pay for your service and how does it compare to Australian based services?

A. The answer to this depends upon how you currently have your transcription work done. As a general rule, you should expect to save up to 50% compared to Australian based labour or Australian based on-shore service providers. There are many other benefits and savings to be considered as well.

Q. How do I submit my dictations?

A. That depends. In some cases we are integrated with the software supplier. So for example, in the area of radiology, we are integrated with both OCCAM and COMRAD. We discuss the link with your RIS provider. In other cases, we may come in via VPN (virtual private network link). You can also submit online, email; there are many other solutions that we can discuss with you that will suit your system and the way you work.

Q. How is my dictation processed?

A. Your audio file is first listened and typed by an experienced transcriptionist. The majority of our transcriptionist are registered nurses in the Philippines and all are colleague graduates in a medical field. The audio file is then listened to again and edited by an editor with many years experience who has been trained on your account.  At a later date, 10% of all files are audited and Editors are scored on quality.

Q. How are my transcriptions returned?

A. That depends on your electronic system and how we accessed the audio files in the first place. If you are a Radiology client and we are integrated that simply appear as ‘ready for authorisation’ in your RIS system. If you emailed your file, we generally email it back and of course if you submit on line, you can pick them up online as well.

Q. Can you use my ‘normal reports’?

A. This question mainly applies to Radiologist. We can format and insert your normal reports once you send us your library.

Q. What turnaround times do you offer?

A. The quickest we can turn a report around is 1 hour, as our Quality Assurance system requires a file to be listened to twice. Of course, the faster you need a file turned around, the more expensive the service becomes.

Q. What if I dictate over the weekend?

A. No problem, we never stop.

Q. How do you charge for your service?

A. Our fees are straightforward and very transparent. We charge on each line of finished data that we type. A line is 65 characters (including spaces), so a document may be say 15 lines long and we simply multiply that by your line rate. When you receive our invoice, we tell you the date, patient ID (or document ID), number of lines, rate and extension for every document that we transcribe. No tricks, no traps, just a good honest service.

Q. Are there any other fees?

A. Never

Q. Can I trial your services for free?

A. Absolutely

Q. What if I want to test your services?

A. Simply hit ‘Contact us’ and send us your information. Someone will contact you within 24 hours, or call us on 1300 717 725.

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