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“After a comprehensive review of security and procedures, we are complementing our on-site transcription with off-shore services”
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It’s hardly surprising to learn that one of the main concerns of all medical practitioners with sending patient information offshore is how safe that data is after it leaves their premises.

Trans-border data flows of patient information is regulated in Australia by the Privacy Act 1988 and in the Philippines by the Data Privacy Act 2011. Access Transcription takes it’s responsibility of maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality very seriously and takes numerous steps to ensure that there are no breaches of security.

Steps taken to ensure data security and confidentiality compliance

  • All transported data is encrypted (unless you email it)
  • The ground floor of the building has uniformed security guards to ensure no unauthorised entry
  • At floor level, staff enter offices through electronic security
  • All visitors are escorted whilst on the premises
  • All employees sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • All files are transcribed in house
  • All data servers are properly password protected
  • All PCs are hardened – email is limited, data ports are disabled and printers are not available
  • All files are deleted once they are no longer of use

Access Transcription complies with the following Legislation/Regulations

  • Privacy Act 1988 (Australian)
  • Data Privacy Act of 2011 (Philippines)
  • National Privacy Principles 9 (Trans-border data flows)
  • Good Medical Practice: A Code of conduct for Doctors in Australia
  • The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists – Standards of Practice for Diagnostic Radiology version 9.1

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