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Medical Transcriber

The medical field is one of the few professions which offer a variety of options to people who would like to pursue that specific field and one of those options is being a medical transcriptionist. A medical transcriptionist (MT) is the person who performs the various medical transcriptions needed on different patients, using a medical transcriber.

The MT can also be known as MLS or a language specialist. This person has got the responsibility of converting medical records, using a medical transcriber, of a patient into recorded medical dictation text.

The transcriptionist also uses several equipments which help him perform his duties accurately and effectively and individual equipment is known as a medical transcriber. The term transcriber is a term used in description of the equipments (electronic) used in the medical transcription performance.

Over the past couple of years, the equipments used in this field have gradually changed; for instance, in the past, for one to be a medical transcriptionists (and a successful one at that), you had to be the owner of a medical transcriber known as the transcription machine and had to drive for some distance so that you could drop off and also pick up the tapes and reports. Nowadays, some transcriptionists just download their work via the internet and are able to have the reports returned the same day.

With this development in technology, the needed equipment have also changes like the medical transcriber called the foot pedal. Although it is still needed and used, it is now attached to the transcriptionist’s computer rather than the transcription machine.

Below are the medical transcribers MT’s use:

A recorder that is hand held and a mini-recording tape: This is mostly used by doctors who dictate his/her findings on the recorder which in turn gets recorded in the mini-tape, and then the MT is given the tape to transcribe it.

Headphones: They are used by the MT to be able to clearly listen to the dictated transcriptions without having any external interruption. It is quite important for the MT not to have any interruption from the external environment if he/she is to make the correct medical transcriptions and they also provide privacy.

Foot pedals: This component which is indispensable enables the MT to manipulate the dictated reports without having to use the hands. It also allows the MT to adjust the dictated reports speed as well as reverse or forward the dictation.

Line counters: This is important in keeping track of the lines you have so far transcribed. Along with software, they are great help when it comes to creation of invoices for your clients and output goals creation.

Memory stick/flash drives: These are used in data backup so that the information or the medical transcriptions the MT has made are not lost.

The accessibility or download approach will depend on the medical transcriber the doctor used to make the dictation; but even with the advancement in technology, there are those doctors who still opt for the recorders and cassettes.

Still, there are those that use the FTP capabilities that come with their digital hand-held recorders. To be in a position to use the above mentioned equipments you must get the proper education first qualifying to be a MT.

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