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Radiology Reporting

Access Transcription specialises in Radiology Transcription, with 70% of our entire business devoted to this modality. We also provide transcription services to cater for a range of medical specialties.


We are the largest outsourcing services provider for Radiology Transcription in Australia. Our team includes more than one hundred specialist radiology transcriptionists based in our Manila office.

Technology Solutions​

Our preferred IT solution is to integrate directly into the clients’ Radiology Information System (RIS) via HL7 messaging protocols. This allows for a seamless integration and enables us to manage security and control quality.


Data is transmitted to our servers in Sydney and streamed to our offsite facilities directly to the local PC. When the patient file is finished, the file then auto-loads back into the clients’ RIS through our servers in Sydney. At this point, the data is auto-deleted off the local PC so that no data remains offsite / offshore.



We are currently integrated to most major RIS platforms in Australia including


By Kestral


By Pro Medicus


By Pro Medicus


By Health Inc


By Voyager Imaging

Cost savings of offshore solutions

When you choose our offshore solutions, you should expect to benefit from the following savings:



Savings compared to onshore service providers.



Savings compared to utilising in-house typing pools.

Cost savings or offshore solutions

When you choose our offshore solutions you should expect to benefit from the following savings:

Privacy & Confidentiality

Access Transcription understands the seriousness and requirements of patient confidentiality and has taken steps to ensure that it complies with all relevant legislation and codes of conduct; in particular the Privacy Act 1988 (Australian) including all amendments made on 12 March 2014 as well as recent updates effective since 22 February 2018.

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