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Access Transcription specialises in radiology transcription, with 70% of our entire business devoted to this modality.   We are the largest outsourcing service provider for radiology transcription in Australia



Our specialist team has provided cardiology transcription services to some of Australia’s largest healthcare providers including hospitals, practitioners, and cardiology departments



Access Transcription has employed a dedicated team of typists and editors trained to avoid potentially ambiguous terms relating to oncology treatment and diagnoses.


Access Transcription is one of the leading medical transcriptionists for psychology-based reports in Australia.  Our team of highly-trained professionals possess extensive experience in the field of psychology



 Our editors and transcriptionists have been highly trained to ensure a full understanding of relevant neurological terminologies.  We understand neurology reports demand complete accuracy.



Access Transcription is able to transcribe all forms of gynaecological reports including consultation notes, pre and post-operative evaluations, patient history and more.



Our highly trained staff and editors are dental transcription experts, providing you with peace of mind that your records will be transcribed accurately and quickly.

Plastic Surgery


Access Transcription specialise in transcribing in-depth reports relating to all aspects of cosmetic, reconstructive, and corrective surgery.



Our team of expert transcriptionists understands the technical terminology relating to gastrointestinal disorders and functions including all major organs.

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