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Medical Shorthand

Shorthand is an abbreviated type of writing. This type of writing increases speed allowing the writer to take notes or correspond more efficiently.

Medical professionals use shorthand when taking notes that are to be used in medical charts and correspondence. Medical transcriptionists translate this type of shorthand (sometimes known as medical typing) into legible notes that go into the patient’s file in order to be clearly understood at a later date. Using shorthand helps increase the speed in which a medical professional can see a patient, make notes, write a prescription, etc. in order to see more patients in a shorter amount of time. Medical typing or medical transcription is a demanding profession as these professionals need to be very careful in their transcribing as to not make a mistake. It is extremely important to make sure they decipher these notes with the utmost care.

Interestingly enough, if you own a cell phone you are more than likely using a form of shorthand on a regular basis. The modern day “texting” developed out of shorthand, first being used in bulletin board systems and then later in internet chat rooms. There people would abbreviate some words in order to respond to others in a more timely manner.

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