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Medical Transcription Search Engine

There is a Google search engine specifically designed for Medical Transcription. It is called Google MT and was tailored by a medical transcriptionist in order to help fellow transcribers with online medical transcription services.

Log Files: Google MT does make use of log files. The log files house information that includes internet protocol. This includes, web addresses, date/time stamp, Internet Service Provider (ISP), referring and exit pages, number of clicks to analyze trends, user’s movement around the site, and also gathers demographic information. This information is gathered to provide the user with the best search results the more the search engine is used.

Cookies: Google MT uses cookies to store information about a user’s preferences. These cookies can record specific information from each individual user on which pages the user visits or accesses. They can also customize the page content based on the user’s browser type along with other information the user send by way of their browser. Google MT basically works the same as any search engine. It caters to the medical transcriptionists that need specific information that may not be as easily located on an ordinary search engine

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